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Nov 2017

Arash Sahebe

Born and raised in a modest family in Kabul, Arash Sahebe had the passion to accomplish something significant from an early age. However, he had no idea what it would be. Exploring different interests, he did his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at Kardan University and proceeded with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). At the same time he worked with different organizations, but being an employee was increasingly frustrating. His MBA studies helped in conceiving the idea of a business of his own and that’s when Sahebe Financial Services (SFS) was born.

Starting up with a single desk, rented for half of the day, today SFS employs more than 50 (full and part-time) employees and has provided Accounting, Tax Clearance, and other financial services to more than 150 small and large organizations both in public and private sectors. It has received over 100 appreciation letters from satisfied clients which is a testament to the quality of its services.

SFS has been part of the efforts to save around 30 companies from bankruptcy and has earned the government up to a 100 million Afghanis in revenue.

At SFS the focus is on hiring from among the youth who are eager to learn and are very energetic and enthusiastic to accomplish big goals. There is a training center where around 30 new recruits are practically trained by giving them actual cases while mentored by experienced managers.

With stability in business, Arash takes out time for gym and occasional football while planning is underway for his engagement. His interest in engineering is still thriving and his goal for the year 2020 is to establish a construction company which will build its first project in the form of a grand office building for SFS and itself. SFS plans to increase its workforce to 100 people, expand its range of services and include international organizations in its clientele. However, Arash may not stop there. His ultimate intention is to hand over the business to his brother and father and move on to public service – probably politics.