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Aug 2019

Najeebullah Amiri

Najeebullah Amiri was born in a in Nangarhar, on 15th March 1994. He is a graduate of Kardan University specializing in business administration. Mr. Amiri is a hardworking individual with a passion for contributing to the development of Afghanistan in international business, politics and social well-being. Currently, he works closely with the Director-General of AOP in the Management Secretariat to provide full support and ensure smooth management.

Previously, Mr. Amiri worked as an Operational Coordinator at Camelot International Business Quarter, a premier living and business community managed by Tower One Logistic Services. He has also served as Executive Manager at the Administrative Office of the President (AOP) where he was responsible for bringing strategic changes to the unit through his leadership capabilities, goal setting, and management skills.

Throughout his service tenure in the government sector, Mr. Amiri has had multiple achievements. He has been involved in major initiatives like the inauguration of Afghanistan-China air Corridor and export of Afghanistan pine nuts to China, the inauguration of the Lapis Lazuli Route in Herat Province, and launching India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show. He has been awarded a first-degree appreciation letter by H.E. President Ghani for his service and dedication towards serving the national interests through boosting the economy and creating an international market for Afghan products as part of the Pine Nuts export initiative.

Mr. Amiri is interested in in human psychology and motivational speaking. Watching movies, listening to music, long drives and traveling are among his hobbies. He is married and lives with his family in Kabul.

His favorite quote is from Rumi: “You show your worth by what you seek!”