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Jul 2017

Atiqullah Sahibzada

A graduate of both BBA and MBA from Kardan University, Atiqullah Sahibzada is the founder and CEO of Noma consulting firm which was established in 2008 and operates in the field of research, data collection and data-processing.

Before that he was working with Altai Consulting as field research team member in Afghanistan. Throughout his career, he has maintained the good performance standards with diverse range of administrative and managerial functions, in several projects.

Mr. Sahibzada has illustrated high expertise as a Research Consultant and has successfully managed and completed several projects for major organizations like ‘ICT in Afghanistan: Economic Impact Assessment’ (USAID), ‘Developing a Mobile Applications Sector in Afghanistan’ (InfoDev), ‘Afghan Media in 2010’ (USAID).

Nationwide Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Dealer Channel Audit Surveys, Brand Image Tracking Surveys, (Roshan).