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Master's in International Relations

Program Description

Kardan University sets the pursuit of new knowledge at the core of its values, and has always strived to become an industry leader in promoting new knowledge through the introduction of new programs. The Master’s in International Relations is a new and intellectually rigorous graduate program designed for students with a passion for contemporary global issues.

Program Objectives

Graduating from the Master’s in International Relations program with an in-depth knowledge in IR, students will be able to:

To identify and describe the major processes in the international system including globalization, integration, and the causes of conflict.

To accurately identify the major theories and dominant paradigms in the study of international relations and foreign policy analysis

Analyze and develop economic and diplomatic policies at the international level.

Work in different national and international organizations with the necessary acquired knowledge and skills in IR

Be informed of issues and situations at the regional and international level, and contribute in the development of national strategies.

Become an academician in the field of IR, and share their knowledge and experience through public and private universities.

Academic Structure

The Master of International Relations consists of two concentrations “International Trade and Economic Development” and “Peace Building and Conflict Resolution”. The program duration for students with a bachelor’s in the IR or similar discipline is two years. However, for students with a bachelor’s in a different discipline, the program duration is two and half years. Pre-requisite courses are required for students who do not have the required international relations background.

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in IR or related field are required to take 42 credits in order to graduate

Subjects Categorization Number of Credits
Core Courses 24
Specialization Courses 12
Thesis 6
Total 42

Students coming from a different discipline will have to complete 60 credits

Subjects Categorization Number of Credits
Pre-requisite 18
Core Courses 24
Specialization Courses 12
Capstone Project 6
Total 60

Fee Structure

Kardan University delivers high quality education in a world-class environment. Our fee structure reflects the high academic quality and modern learning standards. The fee structure is designed based on the credit system giving students the flexibility to choose the number of credits, schedules and courses offered. We are also proud to offer several merit scholarship and financial assistance opportunities. Please see the Financial Assistance and Scholarship section or visit our website for detailed information.

Fee structure for 2.5 years

Admission Fee
Fee Number of Semesters Total
3000 5 15000
Program Fee
Fee per Credit Number of Credits Total
9000 60 540,000

Fee structure for 2 Years

Admission Fee
Fee Number of Semesters Total
3000 4 12000
Program Fee
Fee per Credit Number of Credits Total
10000 42 420,000

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