Faculty Profile

Abdullah fazalyar

Academic TitleAssistant professor
Contact InformationPhone N :0744044649/0777306155
Email : Abdullah_fazalyar@yahoo.com
Research InterestsSharia and law
EducationMaster in fiqh and law

Bachelor in osol al deen from al azhar university
Service at Kardan UniversitySince 2020
Professional ExperienceSalam university 17/11/2014 – 2020/08/15
Lecturer in Faculty of Sharia & Rights and political science.

Bakhtar university 16/03/2014 – 2019/08/20
Lecturer in Faculty of Rights and political science.

Legal Adviser 01/10/2014 - 01/12/2016
Bahir Wafi Construction and Road Co.Ltd
Courses Taught Law of inheritance
 Islamic jurisprudence
 Property law
 Obligation law
 Principle of fiqh
 Civil procedure
 Family Law
 Islamic studies
Recent Publications1. Research Article on: Mutiny against Ruler in Sharia & Laws, June 2018
2. Research Article on: Legal Framework of the Ministry of Higher Education, June 2022
3. Research Article on: Abortion and its ordinance in Figh & Criminal Code of Afghanistan, July 2022
4. Textbook on: Seeratul-Nabi & a short history of Islam, February 2023
Trainings & Workshops Attended1- Conference about capacity building .(2013/12/20 -2014/06/20
2- .Conference about Nine characteristics of high – performing
3- Conference about peace in Afghanistan.
4- Conference about responsibility of educated youth against society .