Faculty Profile

Noorullah Babakarkhil

Academic TitleAcademic Administrator
Department of Journalism
Contact InformationPersonal Email:noorullah.babakarkhil@hotmail.com
Official Email: n.babakarkhl@kardan.edu.af
Mobile: (+93) 788 521 521
Research InterestsOnline Journalism, Skills of presenter, News reporting, Interview.
EducationBJ, bachelor of journalism
Kabul University, Afghanistan(2017)
Service at Kardan UniversitySince march,2020
Professional ExperienceNews Anchor at 1TV(2023)
News Anchor at Mitra TV(2020)
NEWS Anchor at Mashal TV (2019 – 2020), Kabul, Afghanistan
NEWS Anchor/Producer at Ariana News(Ariana NEWS Radio Television Network),(2018 – 2019) Kabul, Afghanistan
Investigate Reporter at PAYK Online Investigative journalism center (2017-2018) Kabul, Afghanistan
Media Marketer at RAFA-E-MALAT company (May 01, 2016 – Jun 30, 2016), Kabul Afghanistan
Presenter at radio Noorin(March 01, 2016 – Apr 30, 2016) Kabul, Afghanistan
Presenter at JAWAN TV (Dec 01, 2015 – Feb 28, 2016) Kabul, Afghanistan
Deputy Faculty of BMJ and Lecturer at Mashal University(Feb 21, 2019 – March march 8, 2020) Kabul, Afghanistan
Lecturer at Tabesh University, Faculty of BMJ (Mar 01,2019 - March 8,2020) Kabul, Afghanistan
Lecturer at Bakhter University, Faculty of BMJ (Feb 28, 2019, Mar 01,2020) Kabul, Afghanistan
Lecturer at JAHAN –E- NOOR University(July 01, 2016 - Sep 01, 2016) Kabul, Afghanistan
Lecturer Assistant at NAI Media Institute(Jun 01, 2015 – Jan 30, 2016) Kabul, Afghanistan
Courses Taught• Online journalism
• Reporting
• Interview
• Skills of Presenter
• Technic of Radio
• Technic of TV
• Fundamentals of Journalism
• Analytical Genres
• Mass Media
• Practical
• Scenario writing
• Investigative journalism
• Advertise in R- TV
• Journalism LAW
• Ethic Journalism
• Production of Radio
• Production of Television
• Editing(correction Codifying)
Recent Publications• Investigative Report (Cases of Journalists murders in Afghanistan) has published in 8AM daily Newspaper (2016).
• Investigative report(Disclosure of embezzlement in the Ministry of Mines in Afghanistan) has published in AM daily Newspaper(2016).
• Many other News reports in TV, Newspapers (2017-2019)
Trainings & Workshops Attended• Participated at Journalist Toolkit (sep4, 2019) the training was conducted by the initiative the Hygiene, Sanitation and Nutrition (IHSAN) project in coordination with Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) in Kabul, Afghanistan.
• Participated at Advanced Adobe Premiere Training (August – September, 2015) Funded by USAID’s AWDP in Kabul, Afghanistan.
• Attended at Promoting Debate & Civic Activism Culture among Afghan Youths Training Program (MAY, 2015) Conducted by Afghanistan Youth Social & Educational Organization – Ayseo in coordination with USAID’S & Counterpart.
• Attended at Theoretical and practical training on “Investigative journalism” and NEWS reports, features and research, with duration of (28.NOV.2016 – 15.Feb.2017) by the Assistance of Internews.
• Participated at practical Journalism Seminar (July, 2016) conducted by KHURSHID institute of Higher Education.