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Bachelor's in Political Science

Program Summary

The department of political science and international relations of Kardan University is determined to provide the necessary knowledge about the ideas, political theories as well as regional and international developments to the students, so that they possess the necessary political knowledge, familiarity and understanding of present day political issues so thatthey enhance their analytical skills related to domestic and international political issues.

Graduates of this field will be able to work in various government agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and political departments of countries, organizations and research centers for strategic studies.

Credit System

Kardan University pursues the, international standard, Credit Based System (CBS). Under the CBS, students can select the number of courses based on their specific financial or other preferences. The BPS a program spans 138 credit hours and includes course modules in political science and international relations major areas.

A wide range of electives and professional development courses are available to broaden the students’ horizons. Our curriculum is among the most responsive and updated learning resources that directly address the skills gaps across the specific political science sectors. Medium of instruction is English.

Summary of Courses

Category Details
Core Courses 80
Specialization Courses 16
General Courses 36
Thesis 6
Total 138

Financial Information

Kardan University delivers high quality education in a world-class environment. Our fee structure reflects the high academic quality and modern learning standards. Students can apply for merit scholarships and financial aid through the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. Both male and female students can benefit from up to 800 scholarship and financial aid options.

Program Bachelor of Political Science & International Relations
Fee per Credit 3500 AFN
Admission Fee 1000 AFN per Semester
Monthly Average 10,063 AFN
Total Program Fee 491, 000 AFN

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