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Bachelor's in Computer Science

Program Summary

A Bachelor of Computer Science degree will enable you to become a specialist and leader in computing, networking or software development. This degree opens exciting career options all over the world, especially with the government and private sector organizations. Computer scientists are in high demand in a wide range of roles, such as specialist programmers, networking specialists, software developers, IT managers and consultants.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) is a four-year program offered on a full-time basis at Kardan University. The department follows an international standard credit based system where students are required to complete 138 credits in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

Mission Statement

To achieve excellence in modern trends in technology via advanced theoretical, experimental and applied research and to produce graduates having strong moral and ethical values, deeply rooted in Afghan culture.

Vision Statement

A department which is a leader in modern computing techniques, exploring hidden talents and enabling them to integrate theory with practice, hence creating a digital society.

Summary of Courses

Category Details
Core Courses 80
Specialization Courses 16
General Courses 36
Thesis 6
Total 138

Financial Information

Kardan University delivers high quality education in a world-class environment. Our fee structure reflects the high academic quality and modern learning standards. Students can apply for merit scholarships and financial aid through the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. Both male and female students can benefit from a wide range of scholarship and financial aid options.

Program Bachelor of Computer Science
Fee per Credit 3,500 AFN
Admission Fee 1,000 AFN per Semester
Monthly Average 10,063 AFN
Total Program Fee 491,000 AFN

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