Afghanistan Policy And Dialogue Forum


Afghanistan Policy and Dialogue Forum (APDF) is autonomous organ of Kardan University. It was established in 2021 as an Afghan think tank to encourage sharing of ideas, promote the culture of dialogue and critique among Afghans.
It will promote an Afghan perspective about the events unfolding in Afghanistan, the issues Afghan society has to cope with and offer policy recommendations and solutions to minimize effects of such events.


APDF is mandated to serve as independent, neutral and non-affiliated platform to promote the culture of dialogue in Afghanistan. Through this mandate, APDF aims to contribute to the efforts of identifying problems and opportunities towards ensuring sustainable development in the country.
APDF will host scholars, academicians, researchers, politicians, and public figures to present their views and ideas to a wider audience. The outcome of dialogue will be presented as policy recommendations to all stakeholders.
In this context, APDF functions as a bridge between government and the society. Public policy makers would benefit from the dialogue, panel discussions and research publications of the Forum.


Promote the culture of dialogue in the Afghan society


APDF is an open forum for creative work, candid conversation, and lively debates on prevalent socio-political issues in Afghanistan and events that will have impact on it. For fulfilling its mandate, APDF invites researchers, scholars and public figures from Afghanistan and the region in all disciplines to share their views in the form of public lectures, panel discussions, conferences, workshops and seminars. The proceedings are recorded and policy recommendations are shared with stakeholders so that APDF contributes to nation and state building in Afghanistan. What APDF does may take any of the following forms:
- Lectures, Seminars, Conferences
- Talk Series
- Research Development
- Publications


- To provide a platform for dialogue, open discussions and offer an appropriate environment for lively debates about events in and around Afghanistan.
- To provide an Afghan reading to events that unfold in Afghanistan or have the potential to affect it in any manner.
- To engage policy makers, regulators and top-notch academicians at the national, regional and international level.
- To conduct and publish research produced by Afghan and international researchers.
- To build on the political awareness of the Afghans and the Global public from an Afghan perspective.
- To create an intellectually challenging environment which can promote critical thinking to develop a vision leading to personal and social transformation
- To produce comprehensive policy guides for governmental and non-governmental organizations working in Afghanistan.


An internationally recognized forum that will produce important discussions on critical events surrounding Afghanistan, region and the world pitched with an Afghan perspective.