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Small and Medium Enterprises in ‎the Garment Sector of ‎Afghanistan: ‎Challenges and ‎Prospects

Mr. Faqir Mohammad Faqiri, Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shams, Mr. Saeed Gul

Volume 2 Issue 4 | Dec 2019

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.46

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the garment sector appear to ‎be neglected by the ‎government of Afghanistan. Although, the ‎improvement in this sector will contribute enormously to ‎the overall ‎economic development. Developing the garments sector has even more ‎importance in ‎the context of least developed economies like Afghanistan. ‎Thus, given the significance, this study ‎aimed to find out the problems of ‎the entrepreneurs of the small and medium enterprises in the ‎garments ‎sector of Afghanistan. This study explores factors affecting small and ‎medium ‎enterprises in the garments sector of Afghanistan. The study ‎employs qualitative methodology by using purposive judgmental sampling ‎method and data was collected from fifteen entrepreneurs of ‎the small and ‎medium enterprises in the garments sector in Kabul province. The study ‎concluded ‎that factors such as; lack of security, lack of government ‎support, tough foreign markets ‎competition, lack of textile production ‎factories, no control over the large volume of garments ‎imports, etc., ‎largely affect the small and medium enterprises in the garment sector of ‎Afghanistan. ‎This study will help the concerned government bodies’ policy ‎and decision-makers to understand ‎the problems faced by the ‎entrepreneurs in the garments sector well and take initiatives ‎accordingly ‎to sort out the problems not only but devise policies to assure future ‎growth of the ‎garment sector of Afghanistan.‎

Keywords: Small and medium enterprises, garment sector, textile