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Assessing and Improving Quality ‎Management Program Among ‎Small and Medium Enterprises in ‎‎Afghanistan

Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Volume 2 Issue 4 | Dec 2019

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.45

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This paper presented a tool for assessing and improving quality ‎management among SMEs in ‎Afghanistan. The tool is derived based on the ‎review of previous quality management models. It ‎is based on six principles ‎including ownership and management commitment towards quality, ‎‎customers’ orientation, managing suppliers’ relations, staff management, ‎continuous improvement ‎as a routine, and process focus. The significance ‎of the tool is that it provides a simple, ‎quantitative, and self-administered ‎mechanism for identifying the current level of quality ‎management among ‎SMEs. It can also be used to set a benchmark for quality management ‎‎among SMEs in Afghanistan. At a broader level, the tool can be used by ‎manufacturing and ‎services-based SMEs in Afghanistan for improving the ‎quality of the products/services, and ‎processes. In this study, the tool is ‎proposed along with its principles, and its application is ‎illustrated in a local ‎organization. ‎

‎ Keywords: Quality management, improvement, tool, SMEs, Afghanistan