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Challenges for Afghan Women Led ‎Small and Medium Enterprises and ‎Suggested Solutions: A Thematic ‎Analysis

Ms. Farkhunda Frozan, Dr. Pramod Matolia

Volume 2 Issue 4 | Dec 2019

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.43

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The purpose of this research paper is to explore challenges women-owned ‎small and medium enterprises currently face in Kabul, Afghanistan and ‎means overcome these challenges. For achieving the said objectives author ‎applied ‎constructed open ended questions to develop themes evolving ‎research question. ‎The author conducted interview from 16 women- led ‎small and medium enterprises, then ‎through Attride-Stirling method, went ‎through all stages started from transformation of information ‎to cods for ‎the purpose of basic , organizational and global ‎themes. Major findings ‎suggest that the main challenges ‎of women small and medium enterprises ‎are Lack of financial resources and support, none-availability of specific ‎market and platform for business development in Afghanistan, high ‎bureaucracy in government procedures and ‎documentations for business ‎registration and taxation . Besides, social and ‎environmental barriers ‎always exist due to lack of education and family support as well as ‎gender ‎discriminations. Similarly factors such as political, economic and instability ‎‎is can have their adverse effect on business development in country. This ‎report presents some possible solutions like governmental relaxation ‎in ‎procedures and documentations. Study further recommends the ‎government to provide facilitation of business ‎incubation center, low ‎interest business loan, entrepreneurship training programs to improve ‎‎women small and medium enterprises. ‎

JEL Classifications: M0, M1 ‎

‎ Keywords: Small and medium enterprises, women challenges, Organization ‎development