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Linking Afghanistan with Europe Through TRACECA, Pakistan and Russia: A Comparative Analysis and Cataloguing

Mr. Mahmood Ebadi Ajmiri

Volume 2 Issue 3 | Sep 2019

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.52

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This study presents the comparative analysis of the overall transport connections between Afghanistan and Europe. The transport routes are compiled with interconnection options and origin/destination points. The overall routes, including stretches and nodes are further compared according to the selected criteria’: time, cost, reliability and safety/security. Connection of Afghanistan with Europe via TRACECA is offered through three main options/subsections: from port of Poti to Kabul via Serkhetabad/ Turkmenistan, Termez/Uzbekistan and Nijnii Pyanj/Tajikistan border crossing in comparison with transportation routes/sections via port of Riga and port of Karachi. The TRACECA Route Attractiveness Index (TRAX) has been slightly modified to maintain a consistent and equal approach while measuring attractiveness of main alternative transportation routes for Afghanistan Trade flows. In this regards and for the sake of comparison, the shortest route in each particular case is chosen, both in terms of KM travelled and average transit time. On the basis of assessment and measurement of selected criteria (1) stretches of transportation routes are compared upon their technical characteristics, which include infrastructure technical conditions and its operational capacity, and (2) nodes technical and operational facilities, which are integrate parts of supply chain requirements and main operational barriers of the transportation routes.