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A Study on Challenges of Managing Conflict Process in Selected Public Organization of Afghanistan

Mr. Fakhr Ul Islam, Dr. Kalimullah Khan

Volume 2 Issue 3 | Sep 2019

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.49

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This research study aims to investigate challenges of managing conflicts faced by the Dispute Resolution and People-Government Relation (ICDRPGR) in the context of Afghanistan. Furthermore, this study also investigates improvement factors of challenges while managing conflicts. To investigate challenges, Interpretivist philosophy, inductive approach and hermeneutic phenomenological method of qualitative methodology is employed. Data collection was carried out through in-depth interviews with fifteen respondents of the central and provincial offices of the mention organization. This study concludes challenges such as insufficient budget for the operation purposes, the deficiency of the skilled and professional personnel, security threats in various parts of the country, lack of technological knowledge in some of the provinces, the political pressures, the lack of executive right, lack of awareness of the public about existence of such institution, local customs and mafias existence. Moreover, the improvement factors found are the increase in amount of budget, capacity development of the personnel involve in the process, induction of conflict and dispute resolution experts, awareness level of masses about the existence of ICDRPGR, the executive rights of the ICDRPGR, support from police and other law and order agencies. Lastly, the tribal elders, religious leaders, community mobilizers should be hired for resolving disputes in far reaching areas of the country.