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Enhancing Entrepreneurial Education and Self-Efficacy through Technical Vocational Education and TrainingAuthority of Afghanistan (TVET-AVI): Evaluation and Way Forward

Mr. Sibghatulllah Bazgar and Dr. Nassir Ul Haq Wani

Volume 5 Issue 3 | Oct 2022

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2022.121

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This study endeavors to evaluate and propose the mechanism to intensify and expedite entrepreneurial education and self-efficacy in Technical and Vocational formal education. Based on the qualitative research method, fourteen open-ended questions were developed for interviews targeting three types of respondents (students, teachers and TVET-A officials) for data collection. The results suggest that there is no specific entrepreneurial learning in TVET-AVI institutions, and on the organization level a clear comprehensive strategy for enhancing entrepreneurial education is not yet developed. Further findings revealed that students only received a technical education, mismatching the current labor market needs. To enhance entrepreneurial education, it has been observed that developing a new curriculum for entrepreneurial education, teacher training and teaching methodology and the role of TVET authority has a positive impact on enhancing entrepreneurial education. In addition to that, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in the local community is an important factor for student motivation and independence. This study proposes how TVET can realize the issue of integrating entrepreneurship education and self-efficacy in formal education. The curriculum and monitoring and evaluation directorates will utilize the study result to ensure the entrepreneurial education and self-efficacy included in the updated curriculum and for monitoring and evaluation procedures as well. Further research is
required to identify the stakeholders’ involvement that could help the entrepreneurial education process.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Education, Self-Efficacy, Technical Vocational Education and Training- Authority of Afghanistan