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Relationship between Job Crafting and Job Performance and the Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction: A Study of NGOs in Afghanistan

Ms. Sarah Safi

Volume 4 Issue 4 | Dec 2021

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.105

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One of the most widely researched personal resources is job crafting, for which several studies have confirmed the existence of a positive relationship with performance. In this regard, the prime purpose of this study is to ‎assess the link between job crafting and job performance, with mediation ‎effect of job satisfaction in NGOs of ‎Afghanistan. ‎The elements of job crafting, job performance, and job satisfaction are vital and indispensable to ‎expedite the employee's morale. The data was collected from 205 ‎respondents by using the Hayes macro process ‎through a questionnaire survey. The overall findings revealed a link between job crafting and job performance, as well ‎as a positive significant relationship between factors. Furthermore, job satisfaction was found to ‎be a mediator in the link between job crafting and job performance. However, in the case of some types of job crafting, increased levels of performance only occur if the individuals also manage to increase the levels of satisfaction attributed to the work role. Therefore, in order to improve the well-being levels of working people, it would also be necessary to help them understand how these changes help them to attribute more satisfaction and improve their work performance.

Keywords: Job Performance, Job Crafting, Job Satisfaction and NGOs