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Examining the factors Influencing Social Media Adoption in Public Sector Organizations: ‎Empirical Evidence from National Radio Television of Afghanistan

Ms. Fazila Sangi

Volume 4 Issue 4 | Dec 2021

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.103

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Social media has become a significant source of information for citizens and ‎organizations. Social media adoption provides governments with various opportunities to develop ‎relationship with citizens and involve them in public affairs. This study aims to explore factors ‎that influence social media adoption in the public sector organizations of Afghanistan through ‎empirical evidence from National Radio Television of Afghanistan (NRTA). The data has been collected ‎from 180 employees of NRTA. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was utilized to explore the ‎factors. The factors included lack of communication and trust by citizens, lack of financial resources and management ‎support, technical skills, policy and procedural, as the main ‎factors influencing social media adoption. This study recommends implementing social ‎media policy and guidelines for public organizations, keeping the ICT infrastructure upgraded, ‎and providing technical trainings for employees who are responsible in directing the social ‎media activities. ‎‎

JEL Classification: D73, O35‎

Keywords: Social Media, Public Organization, Adoption, Exploratory Factor Analysis