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Impact of Transformational ‎Leadership Style of Headmasters ‎on Job Satisfaction ‎of Primary ‎School Teachers in District ‎Mohmand

Mr. Sakhi Jan ‎ and Mr. Kokab Manzoor

Volume 4 Issue 1 | Mar 2021

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.12

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The purpose of this research study was to examine The Impact of the ‎Transformational ‎Leadership Style of Headmasters and the Job Satisfaction of ‎Teachers of Government ‎Primary Schools in District Mohmand and explored the ‎different dimensions and their ‎impact on the performance of primary school ‎teachers. The four dimensions of ‎Transformational leadership were taken into ‎consideration ideal influence, ‎inspirational motivation, intellectually stimulating ‎and individual consideration. The ‎respondents were consisted of two hundred and ‎ten (210) teachers who were selected from ‎‎1398 teachers working in (466) schools. ‎The data obtained was analyzed by using ‎Statistical Package for Social Sciences ‎SPSS program version 26.0, correlation and ‎simple regression. This research study ‎found that there was a statistically significant ‎strong positive association between ‎Transformational leadership and Job satisfaction ‎because this study states that ‎Transformational leadership has almost 40% impact on ‎Job satisfaction of teachers ‎while the rest of 60% variation can be associated to other ‎factors. Headmasters ‎demonstrated a very high level of Transformational ‎leadership. The findings of this ‎research paper put new insight into Transformational ‎leadership and Job ‎satisfaction to enhance leadership effectiveness, job performance, ‎loyalty and ‎commitment to the organization for the leadership, the teachers, ‎researchers and ‎policymakers. ‎

Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction, Headmasters, ‎Government, Teachers