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‎ Effect of Strategic Management ‎on Organisational Learning: ‎‎Evidence from the Banking Sector ‎in Nigeria

Mr. Worimegbe Powel Maxwell, Dr. Adelekan Adedeji Saidi and Dr. Eze Benneth Uchenna

Volume 3 Issue 4 | Dec 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.16

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The study examines strategic management dimensions on Organisational learning ‎in the banking ‎sector with the aim of establishing the most significant construct ‎driving organizational learning. ‎The study is premised on the strategic ‎implementation and strategic analysis dimensions of ‎strategic management. The ‎survey research design was employed in the study. 400 bank ‎employees were ‎surveyed through questionnaires. Data were analyzed using the regression. The ‎‎result reveals that the elements of strategic management (β=0.788, R2= 0.621, ‎F=56.733, ‎p=0.000) combined have a significant effect on organizational learning. ‎The study also ‎established that strategic implementation is the most significant ‎driver of organizational learning ‎in the banking sector. The study was carried out ‎in the banking sector. It is expected that the ‎outcome may vary if such study is ‎carried out in other industry and climate. The study shows ‎that organisations ‎especially those in the banking sector should place more attention to the ‎‎implementation of their strategic goals as they continually analyse their internal ‎and external ‎environment as this will drive them to better performance. They ‎should align their strategies with ‎the dynamic environment in order to achieve their ‎corporate goals. The study addresses the issue ‎of strategic management as it ‎drives organizational learning. ‎ ‎

Keywords: Strategic Analysis, Strategic Implementation, Management, ‎Learning Organization‎ ‎