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A Systematic Literature Review on ‎the Role of Nepotism in Talent ‎‎Acquisition

Mr. Abid Momand

Volume 3 Issue 4 | Dec 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.15

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In this competitive era of knowledge-based economy intellectual capital is the ‎most demanded ‎source of competitive advantage. However, having quality ‎workforce or human capital is only ‎possible through a transparent and merit-‎based recruitment practices. Due to the absence of ‎impartiality in human ‎resource practices, preferential conduct is carried out in most of the cases ‎‎especially, in form of nepotism in underdeveloped countries. Meanwhile ‎considering the huge ‎need for talented employees in organizations, this ‎systematic literature review is intended to ‎critically review the existing body of ‎knowledge in order to identify the role of nepotism in talent ‎acquisition. ‎According to Ford and McLaughlin (1986), “The word “Nepos” is derived from ‎the ‎Latin language which conveys the meaning of “nephew”. Giving the ‎privileges of hiring and ‎promotion to those who are your family members or ‎by some means close to your family. While ‎talent acquisition is the ideal ‎strategy of a well-standard organization to achieve their ‎organizational goals ‎effectively and within lower cost. After a systematic study of the existed ‎body ‎of literature, this review incorporates systematic literature methodology, ‎sample selection ‎criteria for finding literature, analysis of chosen research ‎articles and some imperative concepts ‎that highlight the relevance of ‎nepotism with talent acquisition. Describing the role of nepotism ‎in talent ‎acquisition is the main theme of this systematic literature review. Academic ‎research ‎paper, conference proceedings, and other secondary data are the ‎main components used for the ‎literature review of this study. Besides, several ‎databases have been used for finding relevant ‎literature. This review of ‎literature critically appraises and synthesizes research studies that round ‎on ‎the phenomena of nepotism and talent acquisition. ‎

Keywords: Nepotism, Talent, Talent Acquisition, Employer Brand, Systematic, ‎HR Practices