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Relationship of Public Service ‎Motivation with Organizational ‎Commitment and Job ‎Satisfaction: ‎A Mediating Role of Person-‎Organization Fit in Afghanistan’s ‎Public Sector

Mr. Mohammad Ajmal Khuram, Dr. Yoshi Takahashi, Dr. Yoko Ishida and Mr. Ghulam Dastgir Khan ‎

Volume 3 Issue 4 | Dec 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.14

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This study aimed to determine the relationship between public service ‎motivation (PSM) and ‎both employees’ job satisfaction and organizational ‎commitment in Afghanistan’s public sector. ‎The study used a quantitative ‎research design, incorporating PSM theory and person-organization ‎fit theory ‎into its framework. Participants included 498 employees from 25 departments ‎within ‎the Ministry of Energy and Water. Data gathered through self-reported ‎questionnaires were ‎analyzed through structural equation modelling, using ‎SPSS and AMOS software. Results ‎showed a positive relationship between ‎PSM with organizational commitment and job ‎satisfaction through person-‎organization fit mediation, indicating that the government pays more ‎‎attention to PSM, because it is a predictor of organizational commitment and ‎job satisfaction. The ‎organizational culture of public sectors in war-torn ‎Afghanistan may not fit very well with the ‎employees with high PSM and so ‎differentiate itself from those in other developing and ‎developed countries. ‎The country’s public sector is still undergoing restructuring and ‎development. ‎Therefore, this study makes a significant contribution to existing literature by ‎‎exploring the ways PSM affects job satisfaction and organizational ‎commitment in a public sector ‎environment undergoing structural reforms. ‎ ‎

Keywords: Public Service Motivation, Person-Organization Fit, Organisational ‎Commitment, Job ‎Satisfaction