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Disabled Women’s Experiences at the Workplace: Evidence from Kabul Based Organizations

Fariha Eassar, Dr. Pramod Matolia

Volume 1 Issue 3 | Jul 2018


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In the recent years, attentions are brought to the situation of those people, who are most deprived section of society like women with disabilities. Women with disabilities are facing many types of discriminations because of their gender and secondly because they are disabled. They are economically dependent on others even for their basic necessities of their life. They are discriminated in the recruitment process and they are ignored to be hired for higher positions. As we live in 21st century of equality and still disabled women treatment at workplace is not as it should be. So this study identifies the relationship of various factors effecting disabled women at workplace. Quantitative method is used and data was collected through five point Likert scale. The study concludes that independent variables (Discrimination, Performance of disabled women and Policies & Procedures) have significant effect on disabled women at workplace.