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Effects of Interaction Quality of Passenger Experience at Kabul International Airport Afghanistan

Dr. Pramod Matolia, Mr. Abdul Khaliq Shinwari

Volume 1 Issue 2 | Apr 2018

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.84

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Passenger satisfaction has been a theme of immense importance to businesses and researchers alike. In modern

days, businesses are grateful to deliver more services in addition to their offers. The superiority of service

performance has turned into an aspect of passenger satisfaction. It has been proven by some researchers that

service quality is related to passenger satisfaction. Primary focus of this article is to identify the effect of interaction

quality on passenger experience for the passengers of Kabul International Airport. Quantitative method

is used and data was collected through Likert five questionnair. The study concludes that interaction quality

has positive and significant effect on passenger experience.