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Employees’ Perspective of Human ‎Resources Practices with Relation ‎to ‎Performance of Public Sector ‎Organizations in Afghanistan

Mr. Saeed Gul, Ms. Marwa Maidanwal and Ms. Madina Khaliqi

Volume 3 Issue 1 | Mar 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.38

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This research aimed to examine perceived relationship between ‎human resources ‎practices and organization performance in public sector ‎of Afghanistan. To ‎investigate this relationship, quantitative methodology ‎was employed. Reviews on ‎literature guide this study to investigate that ‎recruitment and selection, training and ‎development, employees’ relations ‎and involvement, performance appraisal, and ‎contingent pay and reward ‎schemes as independent variables and organization ‎performance as a ‎dependent variable of the current study. All the variables of the ‎study were ‎operationalized with five points Likert scale questionnaire. It is worth to ‎‎mention that instrument used in the current study was adopted from ‎previous ‎studies. Moreover, data was collected from 135 respondents ‎selected from various ‎ministries of Afghanistan. The results were analyzed ‎to determine the relationship ‎between variables by using OLS regression ‎through SPSS (Statistical Package for ‎Social Sciences). The research findings ‎indicated that there is insignificant ‎relationship of recruitment and ‎selection, training and development, performance ‎appraisal, contingent ‎pay and reward schemes with relation to organization ‎performance; ‎however; only one independent variable has significant relationship ‎with ‎organization performance. Furthermore, this study contributes empirically ‎to ‎the Human Resources literature with relationship to organization ‎performance in ‎the context of Afghanistan. ‎

Keywords: Organization Performance, Recruitment and Selection, Training ‎and ‎Development ‎