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The Relationship Between ‎Perceived Organizational Support, ‎Employee Engagement, and ‎Organizational ‎Citizenship ‎Behavior: Application of PLS-SEM ‎Approach

Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shams,Mr. Murtaza ‎and Mr. Masud Niazi Fawad Asim

Volume 3 Issue 1 | Mar 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.37

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Building upon the integration of both social exchange and ‎organizational support theories, the ‎present study was aimed at ‎investigating the role of perceived organizational support as a ‎predictor of ‎employee engagement and organizational citizenship behaviors. This study ‎further ‎examined the mediating role of employee engagement in the ‎relationship between the perceived ‎organizational support (POS) and ‎organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) in the context of the ‎banking ‎sector of Afghanistan. Through a survey instrument, data were collected ‎from 192 ‎frontline employees of Kabul based commercial banks. Partial ‎least squares structural equation ‎modeling (PLS-SEM) was applied to test ‎the study hypotheses using Smart-PLS 3. The study ‎underlined the ‎significant positive effect of POS on both EE and OCB constructs. ‎Moreover, ‎this study also confirmed the mediating role of EE on the ‎relationship between POS and OCB. ‎The paper concluded that when ‎employees perceive that their contributions are valued, and the ‎‎organization ensures their well-being, they offer positive attitudes toward ‎their organization and ‎their work roles are enhanced (working ‎engagement), leading to OCB. The limitations and ‎recommendations for ‎future research are also included. ‎

Keywords: ‎ Perceived organizational support (POS), Employee engagement (EE), ‎‎Organizational citizenship ‎behavior (OCB), Commercial banks, Kabul. ‎