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Stress and Work Engagement ‎Among Academicians of Private ‎Higher Education Institutions ‎‎‎(PHEIs) in Afghanistan: A ‎Conceptual Framework

Mr. Muhammad Shahid Shams, Ms. Maryam Shakir and Mr. Murtaza Masud Niazi

Volume 3 Issue 1 | Mar 2020

DOI: 10.31841/KJEMS.2021.35

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A wealth of studies on work engagement is found in the literature. ‎However, relating stress to ‎work engagement among academicians of the ‎private higher education institutions is the area that ‎lacks a comprehensive ‎research framework. Therefore, this study was aimed at 1). providing a ‎review ‎of the extant literature on stress and work engagement; 2). employing the ‎ASSET model of ‎stress to work engagement; further 3). hypothesizing the ‎relationship among these variables, and ‎finally 4). developing a conceptual ‎framework. Based on the application of the ASSET model of ‎stress, this paper ‎proposes a model of the relationship between stress and work engagement ‎‎through health and commitment. Suggestions for practice and future ‎research are also presented. ‎

Keywords: ‎ ASSET model, PHEIs, Stress, Work Engagement, Afghanistan