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Factors affecting female entrepreneurial intentions in Kabul, Afghanistan

Ms. Nazifa Nasri, Prof. Muhammad Shahid Shams

Volume 1 Issue 1 | Jan 2018


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Female Entrepreneurship is an emerging phenomenon all over the world. It has even more importance in the context of least developed economies like Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, overall situation in terms of social and cultural as well as political and geographical aspects is different from other countries around the world. Female participation in business and their public presence is something very new here in Afghanistan. This study presents an empirical analysis of the factors affecting female entrepreneurial intentions in Kabul, Afghanistan. The current study employs quantitative methodology. The sampling frame for this study is 60 female owned registered enterprises in Kabul, Afghanistan (ACCI, 2015). A 5- point’s likert scale is used as survey instrument to collect the data from the respondents. Pull and push factors theory is considered as an underlying theory for this research.
The research concluded that the input variables; economical factors and motivation play a significant role in affecting entrepreneurial intentions in Kabul city, while the other input variables; socio-cultural and security factors do not significantly impact the outcome variable i.e. entrepreneurial intentions. The study also found out that the independent variables bring 73% changes in the dependent variable. The research study recommends the formalization and promotion of female entrepreneurial activities in Afghanistan. In addition, similar studies should be conducted in other parts of the country to validate the findings from this study.