Kardan University Launches ASPIRE, the First Alumni Magazine to Promote Greater Alumni Engagement Initiatives

Kardan University Launches ASPIRE, the First Alumni Magazine to Promote Greater Alumni Engagement Initiatives

Kardan University organized the unveiling ceremony of ASPIRE, the first alumni magazine with the university's leadership, strategic partners, and more than 150 graduates on Thursday, March 19, 2021, in Conference Hall, Taimani campus.

In addition to launching the ASPIRE magazine, the ceremony aimed to bring together graduates from different cohorts, appreciate their recent achievements and contributions towards the development of the University and receive alumni recommendations for the Kardan University's five-year Strategic Plan through a panel discussion.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Eqbal Nahzat, Kardan University's Alumni Relations Officer, provided detailed information on the services of the Alumni Relations Office, plans for the graduates, and their contributions towards Kardan University's strategic development, including the new Strategic Plan of Kardan University (2021-2025).

"Without a doubt, our status as Afghanistan's best and most prestigious academic institution is the result of the tireless efforts and your valuable and important impact on economic, social, and cultural sectors in the country. You are an incredible asset to Kardan University's sustainable development, and your presence gives us more energy and motivation to strive for the academic and professional development of the young generation," said Mr. Mirwais Nahzat, Kardan University's Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Nahzat added, "It is with great pleasure to congratulate you, the talented alumni community, on the unveiling of the ASPIRE, which aptly advances our vision towards academic and professional excellence."

During the ceremony, a panel discussion was held with distinguished alumni focused on their experiences and ideas for the strategic direction of the University. The panel discussion included five panelists, namely, Mr. Tareq Eqtedary, BSc. Economics' 13; Ms. Hasina Aimaq Mohsen, MBA '20; Mr. Mohammad Essa Parwani, LLB' 14; Mr. Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi, BCS '17 and moderated by Mr. Mohammad Omar Kamal, Kardan University’s Communications Manager. The panel discussion highlighted the panelists' careers and professional and academic journeys after graduating from Kardan University. The panelists also stressed the impact of the University on their personal and professional success and shared their ideas on the University's Strategic Plan.

Sahar Noorian, a graduate of BSc. Economics program said: "I am delighted to have participated in today's alumni gathering and the unveiling ceremony of Kardan University's alumni magazine's first issue. This is a great initiative from Kardan University and will strengthen graduates' relationship with their University and will further encourage them to stay in touch with Kardan University."

"Today's gathering was a good opportunity for me to meet with fellow graduates and exchange my ideas and experiences. Unveiling of Kardan University's alumni magazine's first issue is a positive step towards reflecting our views, and we appreciate the University's efforts for building a lifelong relationship with the alumni community," said Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi, a graduate of Bachelor's in Computer Science.

To learn more about Kardan University’s Office of Alumni Relations, please visit https://kardan.edu.af/Alumni/.