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The Writing Center

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The Writing Center at Kardan University is an advising and tutoring service which aims at providing professional academic guidance to the undergraduate and graduate students. The establishment of this center is in part contributing to Kardan University's strategic goal of inspiring students’ personal and professional excellence.

The main purpose of the center is to enable students and graduates of Kardan University to produce pieces of writing which are not only grammatically correct, but also impressive in terms of content and presentation.

Services and Programs

The center provides a variety of services related to writing. Students may visit the center during any stage of the writing process: prewriting, writing or editing. We do not intend to correct the problems present in the documents brought by students for review. Instead, we explain the problems present in their writing and guide them on how to remove them. Our services include:

  • Individual writing consultations
  • Thesis and written assignment tutoring
  • Peer review
Students may also visit the Center to receive support with their English language skills. In addition to the individual consultations, the Center will organize group consultations and writing workshops. The Center will develop both offline and online writing services, including a dedicated website section on academic writing.

All Kardan University students and alumni are welcome.

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