Structural Design Softwares (ETABS + SAFE)

Course Objectives

  • This course will be introduced the students with practical calculation and building codes requirements.
  • Vertical projects modelling and how to loads applied on them.
  • Construction materials which are used for structure elements 
  • How to defining and assignment the elements material type and properties
  • How to apply the dead load, live load and seismic effects on a specific structure 
  • Determination of comments that have effect on structural behavior.
  • How to analyze and design of the structure members.

Course Main Topics

  • Introduction of codes and  software’s  
  • Statement of project and loads on the structure
  • Material properties and sections definition 
  • Sections sizes and assign to members of the structure 
  • Loading of structure members based on national and international building codes
  • Define the pre-analysis properties of the members 
  • Performing of structure analysis and evaluating the results