Public Diplomacy

Course Objectives

  • To understand the nature and practice of public diplomacy.
  • To understand the relevance and appropriateness of various public diplomacy tools.
  • To understand the nature, importance and concept of Soft Power and Smart Power.
  • To understand the relationship between Public Diplomacy in managing peace and security. 
  • To acquire an in-depth knowledge of the relationship between Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding, Diaspora engagement; & cultural diplomacy.

Course Main Topics

  • Meaning and nature of Public Diplomacy.
  • Tools of Public Diplomacy
  • Meaning and nature of Soft Power.
  • The concept of Smart Power
  • Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy
  • Educational Exchange Program and its importance.
  • Diaspora Engagement and its importance.
  • Countering Disinformation and Public Diplomacy.