Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Course Objectives

  • To know the features and dynamics of contemporary armed conflict and the primary causes of war and violence.
  • To understand the conflict analysis concepts and review methodologies and tools for conflict assessment, their implementation and challenges.
  • To know the politics, practice, and challenges of conflict resolution.
  • To get familiarised with Conflict prevention and the role of preventive diplomacy, coercive diplomacy and the use of force, peacekeeping, peace-making and mediation, and peacebuilding.

Course Main Topics

  • Nature and characteristics of Intractable Conflicts
  • Causes and consequences of Intractable Conflicts
  • Issue of Victimhood, Revenge and its effect on conflict
  • Conflict Escalation and its causes.
  • Limiting Escalation / De-escalation
  • Methods/core concepts in dispute/conflict resolution.
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution