Financial Risk Management

Course Objectives

This course will focus on variety of risks faced by financial managers and the tools available for managing these risks. Particularly, we shall focus on credit risk, interest rate and liquidity risks, market risk, foreign exchange risk, and country risk. We shall learn about the tools and techniques available for managing these risks such as future contracts, swaps, value-at-risk (VaR) and other standard risk-hedging techniques, and methods of measuring volatility. Students attending this course are expected to have studied basic courses of investment and portfolio management and have good understanding of asset pricing models.

Course Main Topics

  • Introduction to risk and risk MGT
  • Risk classification 
  • Various risk types 
  • Risk Management Process
  • Find risk and return for an asset and portfolio
  • Financial engineering
  • Cyber security risk  
  • 4 T Concepts  
  • Current risk management practices by NGOs 
  • COSO Framework
  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework     
  • Risk tolerance and Risk Appetite  
  • Risk appetite and risk appetite statement  
  • Procurement risk Fraud risk management 
  • Risk profiling and organization strategy  
  • Lack of policies and its implication