Design of Building Reinforced Concrete Structures

Course Objectives

  • This course will provide the advantages and disadvantages of using reinforced concrete as a building material.
  • Use the current ACI code and the ACI Strength Design methodology to analyze and design reinforced concrete members 
  • Design a reinforced concrete slab on grade.
  • Describe the steps necessary to construct a RC structural component and the areas for concern regarding quality of construction.
  • Understand the process of developing, testing, and evaluating concrete mixtures. 

Course Main Topics

  • Design of simply support beam according to ACI-318M-14 limitation.
  • Design of continuous beam according to ACI-318M-14 limitation.
  • Design of one-way and two-way slab.
  • Design of short column for axial load and bending.
  • Design of long column.
  • Design of spread footing.  
  • ACI Technician Certification.