Advance Professional Development

Course Objectives

  • This certification provides a practical and theoretical introduction to what it means to be a professional communicator today. Learners will encounter a range of issues relevant to professional practice in the workplace, as well as an understanding of the wider responsibilities that professionals are called upon to uphold in society. 
  • This course covers topics within a larger societal context of communication to develop an understanding of the relevant social, ethical, and professional acumen. Learners will gain skills as they apply knowledge that includes recent developments in the field of professional development. 
  • To provide an integrative framework that will allow participants to synthesize knowledge from other business courses into a comprehensive understanding of competitive advantage.
  • To provide a basic understanding of the nature and dynamics of the strategy formulation and implementation processes as they occur in complex organizations.
  • To encourage participants to think critically and strategically.
  • To develop the ability to identify strategic issues and design appropriate courses of action.
  • To Identify and apply the elements of entrepreneurship and to entrepreneurial processes.
  • Creatively analyze the business environment, opportunity recognition, and the business idea-generation process.
  • Know how to acquire necessary resources and organizational matters of new venture creation process.
  • Write a business plan that creates and starts a new venture.

Course Main Topics

  • Essentials of Business Communication (The Seven C’ s of
  • Communication)
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal branding
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Mastering Negotiation Skills
  • Business writing that includes writing emails memos, business letters, concept note, proposals and reports. 

Strategic Planning 

  • Introduction to strategic planning process
  • Developing vision and mission statements
  • Assessment of the external environment to identify opportunities and threats (preparing EFE matrix)
  • Assessment of the internal environment to identify strengths and weaknesses (Preparing IFE matrix)
  • Employing TOWS Matrix, IE matrix, SPACE matrix, BCG Matrix and Grand strategy matrix for Developing strategies.
  • Strategy implementation and evaluation issues  

Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Developments

  • Nature of entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity identification and Creativity techniques.
  • Developing a marketing plan for a new venture
  • Developing a financial plan for a new venture
  • Developing an organizational plan for a new venture
  • International entrepreneurship, challenges and issues.