Minister of Education Visits Kardan Schools

Acting Minister of Education of Afghanistan
The Acting Minister of Education, Alhaj Mawlavi Habibullah Agha, and his prominent delegation from the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan visited Kardan schools on December 10th, 2023. The visiting delegation included Aziz Ahmad Rayan, Advisor of the Ministry of Education, Abdul Basit Haqqani, Director of Education of Kabul City and Wahidullah Hashemi, Director of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Education and other high-ranking officials.
The visit commenced at Kardan International School, where the school's endeavors in the realms of innovation, creativity, educational quality enhancement, provision of educational services, and utilization of cutting-edge educational technologies were showcased to the Minister and his accompanying delegates. This introduction provided the Acting Minister of Education and his delegation with comprehensive insights into the international school's educational practices and infrastructure.
Subsequently, the delegation proceeded to Kardan Boys' School, where they were warmly welcomed by teachers and students with floral bouquets. The students seized the opportunity to present their innovation projects and intellectual pursuits to the minister and his accompanying delegates, thereby highlighting their academic accomplishments and creativity.
This visit itinerary culminated in a speech delivered at the conference hall of Kardan University and schools, attended by staff, teachers, and students, and commenced with a Quranic recitation by Ustad Salahuddin Bakhtiar.
Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, the Chancellor of Kardan University and Schools, extended a warm welcome to the guests and provided an overview of Kardan Schools. Dr. Hatam underscored the resilience of Kardan schools in maintaining their esteemed standing, currently catering to 2,233 students and facilitating the transition of over 1,500 outstanding students to higher education institutions. Additionally, he highlighted that 18 graduates participated in the 2023 Kankoor entrance exam, with 17 successfully securing admission to universities, including one who attained a position among the top 10 candidates.
Expressing contentment with the visit, Alhaj Mawlavi Habibullah Agha praised the students' handicrafts and projects, hailing them as significant achievements. He praised Kardan as an innovative and creative educational institution in the country, while also acknowledging the students as the future leaders of Afghanistan. Encouraging the students to emulate the hard work and dedication that propelled Western and leading nations to their current stature, the Acting Minister of Education pledged to facilitate the students in advancing their education in optimal ways.
Furthermore, Abdulbasit Haqqani, Director of Education in Kabul City, extended felicitations to the students, emphasizing the significance of knowledge as a divine attribute and lauding Kardan as a trailblazer in private education within Afghanistan. His gratitude extended to Kardan schools for their unwavering commitment to providing quality education and nurturing the country's children with sincerity and generosity.
In conclusion, the representatives of Kardan School expressed their gratitude for the visit by the Acting Minister of Education, highlighting the significance of such engagements in bridging the gap between the education community and the leadership of the Ministry of Education.