Celebrating the top achievers of the fall 2021 semester

Celebrating the top achievers of the fall 2021 semester

On December 6, 2021, Kardan University organized an awards ceremony to recognize the students’ achievements who had scored top grades in the fall 2021 semester final exams. The event was attended by lecturers, family members, and friends of the students.

A total of 73 students were awarded achievement certificates, and the top scores among them were also awarded merit scholarships for the upcoming spring semester.

Dr. Ahmad Khalid Hatam, Kardan University’s Chancellor, said: ‘Despite the difficult and uncertain circumstances, Kardan University, being the top higher education institution in the country kept its doors open for the students to inspire them and their families to carry on. Today we are celebrating those students’ accomplishments. Today’s event is a testament to students’ commitment towards achieving their goals and a hope for a brighter future’.

Helai Naseri, a BBA student, said: ‘I am proud to be among Kardan University’s top students and received the Excellence Award. Organizing such events motivates students to work harder and serve the country with dedication.’ She further added: ‘Regardless of the recent challenges and the changing environment for education, Kardan University has been able to continue their quality services as before, which shows their commitment towards their students and the higher education sector’.

Abdul Matin Seddiqi, a BCS student said: ‘I am grateful to Kardan University for recognizing students’ achievements and I’m very glad to be a student of such an institution’.

Kardan University has always organized different events for appreciating and recognizing students’ accomplishments which is a great motivator for enhancing their academic and extracurricular capabilities.