Civil Engineering Students Visits Royal PVC at Kabul

Civil Engineering Students Visits Royal PVC at Kabul

Kardan University's Civil Engineering students visited the Royal PVC Company on July 6, 2021, to understand how theoretical practice is applied in a working environment. It also helped the students to further familiarize themselves with the engineering materials and tools used in the companies. 

"We know the importance of practical works and site visits for our students. That's the main reason we are conducting site visits and providing the opportunity to our students to participate in the study tours. By participating in such tours and visits, students will be able to apply theories into the practice and see how the engineering materials are used in the companies," said Eng. Gulrahman Abdulrahimzai, Academic Administrator for the Department of Civil Engineering. 

As part of its commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, Kardan University understands the importance of education outreach activities beyond the campus. By gaining practical knowledge, students will then be able to conduct voluntary outreach activities beyond the campus in local schools and the community. 

The Civil Engineering degree represents the first step towards professional certification and advanced academic study. Civil Engineers work in fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding professions around the world. Today's Civil Engineers deal primarily with public and private infrastructure and its relation to the environment, which includes planning, design, construction, and maintenance of transportation systems, bridges, dams, buildings, water supply, distribution, treatment systems, wastewater and stormwater collection treatment, disposal systems, irrigation systems, and flood control. Civil Engineers also operate public and private works and design environmental protection for water, air, and land. 

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