CISCO Lab Conducts an Online Virtual Private Network (VPN) Seminar

CISCO Lab Conducts an Online Virtual Private Network (VPN) Seminar

Kardan University’s CISCO Lab conducted an online Virtual Private Network (VPN) seminar on July 14, 2021, with the participation of more than 80 computer science students from across Afghanistan, as part of its commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Quality Education. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Zabiullah Atal, Kardan University’s Lecturer for the Computer Science program.

The training covered all three types of VPNs (Remote access, Intranet-based site-to-site, and Extranet-based site-to-site.) theoretically and practically using CISCO Packet Tracer. Participants were able to describe a traditional router-based network, demonstrate a VPN-based Network, elaborate on Types/Groups of VPN, explain VPN Design considerations, use the lab for VPN practice, and configure a demo of one of the VPN types. 

“First of all, thanks to Kardan University and their entire team, especially to the University’s CISCO Lab, for organizing such a seminar. I have attended many seminars and sessions in the past but found this session unique. I learned many things from this seminar. Congratulations on your creativity, resourcefulness, and useful ideas and strategies. Special thanks to Mr. Zabiullah Atal and Mr. Ahmadullah Azizi for organizing and delivering such open to the general public seminar,” said Nadeem Akhtar, a Computer Science student. 

 “Today, I learned important topics about VPN. The good thing about this seminar was its accessibility to the general public. It shows that Kardan University is not only thinking for its students but rather conducts trainings and seminars beyond its campuses for the public,” said Shabeer Naderi, a Computer Science student.

Since the training was online through the Zoom application, CISCO Lab recorded a well-organized video of the seminar and uploaded it online for those who missed the live session. 

Kardan University’s CISCO Lab enables Computer Science students, especially those studying networking-related subjects, to practice the theories they learn in class. The lab ultimately prepares the students for going ahead for CISCO Certifications which have high credibility worldwide. There are various levels of CISCO certifications, which include the Associate, Professional and Expert levels.

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To download and watch the seminar, please click here.