Kardan University Conducts an Online Counselling Session on Reading Techniques

Kardan University Conducts an Online Counselling Session on Reading Techniques

Kardan University Library conducted an online counseling session open to the general public on the effective ways of increasing interest in reading through Kardan University's Official Facebook Page on July 4, 2021. In the session, Dr. Sharafuddin Azimi, Writer & Psychologist, responded to the viewers' questions to become active readers. The session was moderated by Mr. Sayed Hamed Sadaat, Kardan University's Library Supervisor.  

The purpose of the session was to provide counseling training to the general public, especially those who are not studying at the university, to improve their reading skills, reading strategies, and techniques of getting into the habit of reading. It reflects our commitment to achieving SDG 4: Quality Education by reaching out to the general public by providing them free of cost educational lectures.  

"An effective way to increase interest in reading is to start from short and simple comics, biographies, comedy readings and then shift to reading novels and fictions to get into the habit of reading difficult and more scientific reading materials," Said Mr. Sharafuddin Azimi. He also added that readings strategies differ from person to person, and individuals can find their ways of reading strategies, supplementing the counseling they receive from experts.  

Mr. Azimi further explained Preview, Question, and Read (PQR) reading strategies to the viewers and recommended it as a proven and most effective way of getting the most out of readings. The counseling was then followed by a Question-and-Answer session, responding to the viewers' questions.  

Kardan University's Sustainability Office is committed to planning to mobilize resources across the University to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, our Library's meaningful educational events for our students, alumni, and the general public are strong evidence of this commitment. 

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