Call for Concepts: Initiating Student Projects

Call for Concepts: Initiating Student Projects

Kardan University’s Innovation Lab, in collaboration with the Department of Business Administration (BBA), is accepting concepts for a joint project where students from BBA, Computer Science, and other academic departments come together to work on the same project. Students can submit their ideas through the online google form. The University’s Innovation Lab will then evaluate the submitted concepts, where only a few will be chosen for implementation. In case any funding is required, Kardan University will provide the necessary equipment and resources.

1.  Types of Projects to be Funded 

This platform aims to find projects that have impacts in the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 

  • No Poverty: In Afghanistan, 47.3% of the population lives below the national poverty line. Therefore, Kardan University encourages projects that reduce poverty in the community. Projects must be related to food, health, free education, access to clean water and sanitation, and charity. 
  • Quality Education:  Education is a key gateway out of inequalities, especially multi-generational ones. In addition to improving quality of life, access to inclusive education can help equip locals with the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems. With this spirit, Kardan University encourages the below projects:
    • Projects to allow people to access free educational contents, courses, or books. 
    • Projects to enhance the current educational system in Afghanistan.  
    • Projects to grant equal access to quality pre-primary education. 
    • Projects to help in achieving overall literacy and numeracy in Afghanistan.  
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth: Decent work in safe and stable conditions is a vital component of helping people out of poverty, with the related aspects of reducing hunger and increasing health. The rise of precarious employment, child labor, modern slavery, and uneven growth has created threats to a sustainable future. Kardan University encourages innovative projects that can develop new and fairer ways of working. Such as the following:
    • Projects related to job creation and growing enterprise. 
    • Projects to improve resource efficiency in consumption and production. 
    • Projects to promote youth employment, education, and training. 
    • Projects to end modern slavery, trafficking, and child labor. 
    • Projects to protect labor rights and promote safe working environments. 

2. Selection Criteria

All submitted concepts will be thoroughly reviewed, and then they will be compared based on their impact on the mentioned SDGs. Those projects which have more impact will be definitely prioritized and considered for acceptance. The panel will consist of the dean of the faculties, academic administrators, and Innovation Lab officer. Shortlisted students will be invited for further discussion of their concept after the initial review.  

3. Implementation Mechanism 

Implementation of the projects depends on the nature and requirements of each project. For example, if the project requires a system to be developed. In that case, Innovation Lab will find suitable students from the Department of Computer Science to develop the system and work as a team. In the same way, if a computer science student has a project that requires the help of BBA students, Innovation Lab, in coordination with the Department of BBA, finds suitable students to help them in their project. 

4. Allocated Budget 

The next phase of the selection will require students to send a proposal for their project, in which they will explicitly state the expenses of their project. Although there is no specific budget allocated for projects, but a budget will be given to all projects by providing them with the necessary equipment and resources mentioned in their proposals. It is also possible that some projects are software dependent and do not require any budget; for this reason, we do not have any pre-allocated budgets.  

5. Number of Targeted Projects 

The number of projects depends on the quality, feasibility, and impact of the projects. We will select the best concepts. It should be noted that we look for the impact of all projects on the SDGs mentioned above.  

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