Kardan University Conducts an Online Guest Speaker Session

Kardan University Conducts an Online Guest Speaker Session

Kardan University conducts an online Guest Speaker Session with Ryan Corbett on Saturday, January 2, 2021. The meeting focused on Developing Creativity that Leads to Business Breakthroughs.

Ryan Corbett, the founder of Bloom Afghanistan, presented the topic during the session hosted by Kardan University's BBA Department.

Mr. Corbett shared his personal experience from Bloom Afghanistan, a business training and services firm in Kabul.  He shed light on a work team's most valuable skills, which are creativity and problem-solving. He discussed innovation that can bring change in consumer behavior.

Mr. Corbett also discussed the various applications for business and some myths about creativity. He added creative thinking and becoming a more creative person, which can be achieved by developing a creative mindset and increasing creativity.

He further added to the session with some real-life examples from different famous companies and talked about the new creative habits. The session ended with the growing cultures of creativity. Kardan University continuously makes efforts to organize information sessions for the students to grow and improve their creativity.

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