English Language Scholarship for Journalists and Business Professionals

English Language Scholarship for Journalists and Business Professionals

Kardan University, through a grant from the U.S Embassy in Kabul, brings a wonderful, free of cost opportunity for journalists and business professionals to improve their English Language skills and equip themselves with the market demanded competencies in language and communication. This program will provide two separate streams of English training, one for journalists and one for business professionals, to give both audiences the necessary language skills to communicate more effectively.

 For journalists, the program will enable participants to more effectively research and develop stories in English and to represent current events in Afghanistan to a larger international audience. For business professionals, the course will enhance their ability to engage in relationship-building and transactions with other English speakers, with the intent of boosting national and international trade. The courses will include topics and vocabulary relevant to each audience and will improve participants’ English ability in reading, listening, speaking, and writing: Further, the participants will be able:

  • To improve general English Language proficiency (listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.
  • To improve participants’ ability to incorporate and summarize a variety of English texts, fine-tune the use of journalistic terminology and utilize different styles of news writing, including humor, satirical, investigative, and broadcast.
  • To improve participants’ spoken English, tone, and style.
  • To improve participants’ formal writing skills: style, accuracy, and structure.
  • To familiarize participants with essential English terms and concepts associated with their field of work.
  • To enhance participants’ ability to understand and summarize a variety of English texts, use business terminology and effectively employ email etiquette.
  • To allow participants to demonstrate professional communication and presentation skills gained through participation in pairs and group work during classes.

All interested professionals who meet the below criteria for each of the streams can apply for the program. For registration, please visit the Kardan University’s Taimani Campus, located in Taimani square. The deadline for registration is February 11, 2021. While visiting the admission office for registration, candidates are advised to bring copies of the below documents:

For Journalists:

  1. Tazkira
  2. Employment card

Eligibility criteria for Journalism Stream: Professional Journalists and Freelancers

For Business Professionals:

  1. Tazkira
  2. Employment card (if applicable)
  3. Business license (personal or company)

Eligibility criteria for Business Stream: Business owners, entrepreneurs, employees of business organizations, persons involved in private or public sector economy or those facilitating businesses.

Classes Schedule

3 weekly classes (2 hours/day).
For further queries and information about the program, please write an email to j.ahmadzai@kardan.edu.af  or call 0783206262.