Kardan University Signs MoUs with Generation Positive and Youth Thinkers' Society (YTS)

At the MoU signing ceremony with Generation Positive & Youth Thinkers' Society, Conference Room, Parwan-e-Du Campus

Kardan University signed two separate Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Generation Positive and Youth Thinkers' Society (YTS), non-profit organizations on Thursday, November 5, 2020, in Conference Room Parwan-e-Du Campus.

Signing MoUs are aimed to expand the University's collaboration with the national and international organizations focusing on integrating and institutionalizing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG4: Quality Education and SDG17: Partnership for the Goals in Afghanistan.

Youth Thinkers' Society is an independent organization dedicated to youths' leadership development and capacity building. They work on engaging youths in learning and utilizing their skills, and in due course, providing the intellectual and prescient means. YTS envisages youths' networks to exchange their ideas, knowledge, and goodwill across borders and become a responsible global citizen.

"Working with national and international partners is at the core of the University's strategic plan. Doing so helps us focus on the Vision of Excellence and Collaborative Framework, that is highly engaging, inclusive, and efficient in achieving the University's goals and objectives," said Mirwais Nahzat, Chief Operating Officer of Kardan University.

At Kardan University, we work with national and international sustainability partners to integrate sustainability into our teaching, research, and operations while raising public awareness about sustainability's significance across our public engagement initiatives.

To read more about sustainability initiatives at Kardan University, please visit www.kardan.edu.af/sustainability