Kardan University Holds the Organizational Values Workshop (2021-2025)

At the Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTP) 2021-2025 Organizational Values Workshop

Kardan University organized a workshop on Strategic Planning Taskforce (PTF) 2021-2025 on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, in Conference Hall Taimani Campus.

The University's leadership, faculty members, students, and alumni discussed the strategic plan 2021-2025 in separate groups. The participants worked in eight different groups reviewing the University's previous plan and discussed the new strategic plan. Each group proposed their ideas and thoughts on the new values—the PTF committee will review the suggested values and draft the new ones.

"Collecting inputs from the staff, faculty members, students, and alumni is a great approach to choosing the University's core values. Doing so indicates the University's commitment to engaging its students and alumni in decision-making processes," said Mirwais Nahzat, Chief Operating Officer of Kardan University.

Knowledge, People, Innovation, Integrity, and Internationalization are the five strategic values of Kardan University, part of its 'Vission of Excellence' strategic plan 2015-2020. Upon initiating the preliminary steps, the University is now taking key actions to assess the new strategic plan's final stages.

The new strategic plan will be finalized by the end of 2020, identifying Kardan University's development and growth strategies on different fronts in the next five years.