Kardan University Celebrates Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony (2020)

At the Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony (2020), Conference Hall Taimani Campus

Kardan University celebrated the Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony (2020) on Sunday, November 1, 2020, in Conference Hall Taimani Campus—bringing together graduate and undergraduate students, families, Faculty Deans, and the University's leadership to this prestigious academic event.

Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony is a significant event that recognizes students' academic achievement during the previous (spring 2020) semester by offering merit-based scholarships and Academic Excellence Certificates. This time 90 students from the University's nine departments were among the awardees of this great achievement.

"I feel proud to be among you, celebrating your academic achievement in the previous semester. Despite the many challenges we had during the spring 2020 semester, including quarantine and movement restrictions, transitioning to the online learning system, and socioeconomic constraints, your performance has been outstanding," said Meena Rahmani, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Kardan University.

She further added, "during the past month, we have conducted more than 100 academic events, including workshops, seminars, training programs, conferences, symposiums, guest speaker sessions, and the moot court to provide a better learning environment for students."

“Academic Excellence Award is not just an award—it is a way of recognizing the students' true efforts during a semester. It is also a motivating factor for me to do better academically and benefit from receiving a merit-based scholarship. Achieving this award for consecutive times makes me and my family proud. Therefore, I encourage my fellow students to work hard and win this competitive award during their study tenure at Kardan University,” said Musawer Danishyar, BPSIR student.

Kardan University is committed to recognizing the merit and offering financial assistance to students at the end of each semester. This has been a practical approach to boosting students' academic performances and their desire to get quality education in the country's most recognized academic institution. It also serves as a motivating factor for students to strive and keep accomplishing incredible things in their future endeavors.

Kardan University consistently endeavors to recognize students' academic achievements and ensure integrating and institutionalizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) education, especially SDG 4: Quality Education, through the University's undertakings and initiatives on different fronts.

To read more about sustainability initiatives at Kardan University, please visit www.kardan.edu.af/sustainability