Educational Seminar on Privacy and Human Rights at Andisha Alum High School

During the Educational Seminar on Privacy and Human Rights, Andisha Alum High School

As part of the University's commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG4: Quality Education, Kardan University's Faculty of Law conducted a seminar on Privacy and Human Rights at Andisha Alum High School on Friday, October 23, 2020.

Mr. Abdul Waheed Alizadah and Mr. Ahmad Salem Abdullah, Lecturers from the Faculty of Law, presented the much-anticipated seminar—focusing on Privacy and Human Rights in the context of Afghanistan. A large number of students, educators and parents had participated in the event and gained useful insight into the subject matter.

"Conducting academic seminars on Human Rights is of highly importance for school and university students, particularly in these critical times where human rights violation is experienced across the country," said Mohammad Safar, an educator at Adnisha Alum High School.

Kardan University recognizes that achieving sustainable development goals is essential to our students, community and ultimately, our future success. Therefore, we work with national and international sustainability partners to integrate sustainability into our teaching, research, and operations while raising public awareness about sustainability's significance across our public engagement initiatives.

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