Kardan University Conducts Computer Networking Contest

Kardan University Conducting Computer Networking Contest for Computer Science students

As part of our commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Afghanistan, Kardan University's Faculty of Engineering and Technology conducted a 'Computer Networking Contest' for Computer Science students on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, in Parwan-e-Du Campus.

The Networking Contest allowed participating students to measure their networking skills and computer knowledge while pursuing their respective bachelor degree programs. Competing teams from private and public universities participated in this event and strived to solve various types of online questions and scenarios.

The questions associated with computer networking, such as, CCNA (200-301), Data Communication, and Network Strategies subjects. Upon completing the contest, Ahmadullah Azizi, CISCO Lab Officer, Farrukh Sair, and Zabiullah Atal, Computer Science Lecturers at Kardan University, assessed and scored the teams' performance.

After 90 minutes of tough competition, Kardan University students secured the first, second, and third positions, respectively. The event was described as an excellent learning opportunity for university students to harness their computer and networking skills as they prepare to enter the job market.

Kardan University recognizes that achieving sustainable development goals is essential to our students, community and ultimately, our future success. Therefore, the University continues to initiate educational outreach activities open to the general public and Computer Science students from across universities to integrate SDGs education and achieve SDG4: Quality Education in Afghanistan.

To learn more about sustainability initiatives at Kardan University, please visit www.kardan.edu.af/sustainability