Kardan University's CISCO Lab Conducts a Training for BCS Students in Networking

Computer Science Students Attending Networking Training

To streamline our educational outreach activities around SDGs education, especially SDG4: Quality Education, Kardan University's CISCO Lab conducts a three-month-long training program for Computer Science Junior students. The focus will be concentrated on the first module of the CCNA, an introductory course to Networking (ITN).

The training is designed to enhance practical learning where students will benefit from using CISCO Lab devices such as Router, Switch, Firewall, and Crimping Tools throughout the program. CISCO Networking Academy provides the materials and practical labs of this training.

After completing this training, students will have a clear understanding of the essential topics such as; OSI Reference Model, IP Addresses, Routing Protocols, and Network Security. They will also be able to design, configure, and present a Campus Area Network (CAN). CISCO Lab will award certificates for students who pass the examination to design and configure a CAN network.

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