Awareness Session on the Right to Access Information

Mr. Bahodury, Director of AIC delivering speech on Awareness on the Right to Access Information

Kardan University's Law Faculty conducted a public awareness session on the 'Right to Access Information' on Monday, October 12, 2020, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Conference Hall Taimani Campus.

Kardan University prioritizes working with national and international sustainability partners to integrate sustainability into the University's teaching, research, and operations while raising public awareness about sustainability's significance across our public engagement initiatives.

To achieve SDG4: Quality Education, the University organizes such awareness programs and initiatives open to students, alumni, and the general public to understand accessing information using online and offline sources.

Mr. Ainuddin Bahodury, Director of Access to Information Commission (AIC), and his team conducted a comprehensive session to provide information to the public on how to access information from different government institutions, including ministries, administrations, and commissions.

"In order to be active and responsible citizens, we should cultivate the culture of accessing information, and this is our civic right as per the constitution of the country. Accessing information shapes the future of responsible and successful democratic governments," said Mr. Bahodury.

"We are delighted to have organized this awareness session, and it is the civic right of every citizen to access information. This session aimed to facilitate a means to raise awareness on accessing the information on good governance, particularly for law students," said Khawaja Jamshid Seddiqi, Academic Administrator for LLB.

Towards the end, the AIC representatives provided comprehensive answers to the students' queries regarding the methods and challenges of accessing information.

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